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Kaytlyn and I had a clear vision on what we wanted the message to be in this collection.  Yes, our designs are whimsical and very suited for children, but in all honesty, the message is for everyone.  “To Be or Not to Be…There is No Question” is to speak to others the importance of what it is to “Be Kind,” “Be Thoughtful,” or “Be Generous.”  It’s not a question as to whether we should or shouldn’t be all of those things.  It’s our belief that we are all created for a purpose, one given to us by God.  So in order to live out our purpose, it’s important to live as He would want us to live.  So, as it states on the cover of this card “Be kind & courageous, grateful & generous, gentle, brave & wise, thoughtful & humble.  Most of all stand tall & be the person you were created to be.”

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