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In our ever-changing world, sometimes our busy schedules cause us to forget about the important people or things around us.  We miss opportunities every day to make a difference in someone’s life.  Not that the holidays are the only time to show kindness to others, but it’s a time we often reflect and reach out to those perhaps less fortunate than we are.  Glad Tidings is a collection to help us reach out to friends and neighbors in small ways, which may not seem like a lot to us, but could mean everything to someone else.  For 25 days before Christmas, make it a habit to express a random act of kindness.  If one of the acts of kindness we have provided does not pertain to you, feel free to make up your own. Who knows, maybe it will help all of us continue to show kindness year round.  Kaytlyn and I hope you will make this a new tradition for your family. Be sure to take a look at our Houndstooth Basics in available in 10 colors and Starry Basics available in 10 colors. They are the perfect complement to all our new collections!

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