Missing pattern pieces for Spitter Splatter Smock

Pattern #377 Spitter Splatter Smock
If you are missing any of the dog appliques for this pattern c
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Missing pattern piece for It's a Wrap pattern 

Pattern #376 It's a Wrap

Click here to download Shih Tzu muzzle image.  Make sure to print at 100%.

Correction for Pattern #357 

Pattern #357 Doodle Days Calendar Base Quilt

4.  Cut 7 – 4” X 14¼”strips from the tan fabrics and 6 – 4” X 4” squares from the remaining fabrics.  By randomly placing your tan strips, sew a 14 ¼” strip to each side of your sets of blocks.  Press seams flat. Take your 3 remaining 14 ¼” strips and sew a 4” block to each end of the strip creating 3 sets of block…strip…block.  Press seams flat.  Lining up your seams, pin one set of these to the topside of a set of blocks.  Press seams flat.  Do the same to the middle and bottom, eventually sewing all of the blocks together.  

Correction for Spring Time, Snowman & Tea Time Mug Rug 

Fabric & Cutting Requirements & Materials Needed:

* 7” X 9” Pellon Insul-Fleece, batting, or waterproof sheet
* 2” X ½ wof – 1 print (will be used for decorative strips)
* 2” X 7” – 6 different prints (I used binding ends when I put the original mug rug together)
* Thread to match fabrics
* 1/4 yd. print...base and binding…first cut a 7” X 9” base piece & then cut 1 – 2 ¼” strip for binding (you will need at least 34” to bind the mug rug)
* 4 1/2” X 10” print...pocket
* 3” X 10” print...pocket
* ½” X 4” green rick rack – flower stem
* Scrap print...appliqué
* Scrap fusible bonding

Use ¼” seam allowances unless otherwise instructed.

Before you start you will need to cut either a 7” X 9” piece of Pellon Insul-Fleece, which is waterproof, a piece of batting or I cut a piece from a waterproof sheet that I bought.  If you want the rug to be waterproof, I would recommend either the Insul-Fleece or the waterproof sheet.  

Take your 2” strips and press them in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.  Your 2” X ½ wof, press in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and cut 2 – 7” lengths.  Lay your 7” X 9” base piece (right side down), your inner product, whatever you chose, and lay the first folded strip at the top along the 7” edge of the piece and stitch ¼” along the raw edge.  The second strip overlaps the stitching of the first strip, either laying it straight or you can offset it at a diagonal, as shown on the photo.  Layer the next 6 consecutive strips as you have started, either overlapping straight or on a diagonal, alternating them back and forth.  You should have 8 strips sewn on, the first and last being the same fabric.