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Papa's Old Truck Pattern

Some of the patterns are missing the alphabet page.  Please contact us if you are missing it and we will send the page either as a digital download or by mail.

Wrapped in Winter Pattern

Some of the pages were printed with really large lettering that was cut off.  Please contact us if you have this issue and we will send you an updated pattern either as a digital download or by mail.

Pup Tent/Kitty Tent Pattern

Need 2 3/4 yards backing

Kitty Tent Pattern

• ⅞ yd lavender print for appliqué blocks
• ²/³ yd tan print for borders around pieced blocks

Sheepdog Pattern

The body should be cut out of batting and we had 2 Muzzles on there.  The one on the bottom should say "Back-Grey Print".

Missing Applique page for #395 Woodland Critter Quilt & Child's Backpack

Missing hedgehog applique the first batch of the patterns printed.  If you are missing the hedgehog, click here to download or contact us and we will ship it to you.

Correction for #361 Scatter Love Throughout the Year

Pattern #361 Scatter Love Throughout the Year
Need 3/4 yd. print for the border.  We had instructed to use 2/3 yd. which we realized was not enough.

Correction for #361 Spitter Splatter Smocks

Pattern #377 
Pages with dog appliques are missing from some patterns.  Please use our contact form, email us or call us if you are missing these pages and we will email them to you or send them to you in the mail!

Missing pattern piece for It's a Wrap pattern 

Pattern #376 It's a Wrap

Click here to download Shih Tzu muzzle image.  Make sure to print at 100%.

Correction for Pattern #357 

Pattern #357 Doodle Days Calendar Base Quilt

4.  Cut 7 – 4” X 14¼”strips from the tan fabrics and 6 – 4” X 4” squares from the remaining fabrics.  By randomly placing your tan strips, sew a 14 ¼” strip to each side of your sets of blocks.  Press seams flat. Take your 3 remaining 14 ¼” strips and sew a 4” block to each end of the strip creating 3 sets of block…strip…block.  Press seams flat.  Lining up your seams, pin one set of these to the topside of a set of blocks.  Press seams flat.  Do the same to the middle and bottom, eventually sewing all of the blocks together.  

Correction for Spring Time, Snowman & Tea Time Mug Rug 

Fabric & Cutting Requirements & Materials Needed:

* 7” X 9” Pellon Insul-Fleece, batting, or waterproof sheet
* 2” X ½ wof – 1 print (will be used for decorative strips)
* 2” X 7” – 6 different prints (I used binding ends when I put the original mug rug together)
* Thread to match fabrics
* 1/4 yd. print...base and binding…first cut a 7” X 9” base piece & then cut 1 – 2 ¼” strip for binding (you will need at least 34” to bind the mug rug)
* 4 1/2” X 10” print...pocket
* 3” X 10” print...pocket
* ½” X 4” green rick rack – flower stem
* Scrap print...appliqué
* Scrap fusible bonding

Use ¼” seam allowances unless otherwise instructed.

Before you start you will need to cut either a 7” X 9” piece of Pellon Insul-Fleece, which is waterproof, a piece of batting or I cut a piece from a waterproof sheet that I bought.  If you want the rug to be waterproof, I would recommend either the Insul-Fleece or the waterproof sheet.  

Take your 2” strips and press them in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.  Your 2” X ½ wof, press in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and cut 2 – 7” lengths.  Lay your 7” X 9” base piece (right side down), your inner product, whatever you chose, and lay the first folded strip at the top along the 7” edge of the piece and stitch ¼” along the raw edge.  The second strip overlaps the stitching of the first strip, either laying it straight or you can offset it at a diagonal, as shown on the photo.  Layer the next 6 consecutive strips as you have started, either overlapping straight or on a diagonal, alternating them back and forth.  You should have 8 strips sewn on, the first and last being the same fabric.